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Bypass graft to Lateral Tarsal Artery. Click to enlarge.

Distal Bypass
Cardiac Evaluation of Vascular Patients
Amputation Prevention in Diabetics
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Multdetector CT for TOS
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Multidetector CT Scan for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Charles O Brantigan MD

Dr. Brantigan is working with Dr. Robert Johnson to develop new techniques to define anatomical relationships in the Thoracic Outlet. A preliminary report on this work is scheduled for publication in early 2004. Here are two images of patients whose Thoracic Outlet operations done elsewhere went astray.

Three dimensional reconstruction of a multidetector CT scan showing a failed first rib resection for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Only a portion of the first ribs have been removed.

Three dimensional reconstruction of a multidetector CT scan of the thoracic outlet. Note that part of the second rib has been taken out on the right, and the first rib has regrown on the left.For further insight, please read: Multidetector CT for TOS, a personal opinion.

This is a patient with thoracic outlet syndrome affecting his left side. Note the elongated transverse process of C7 protruding into the brachial plexus.

This is the same patient's elongated transverse process on the right side showing that it is encased in muscle which prevents brachial plexus contact

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